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Hidden Beer Bar Gem

April 12, 2017 for College Avenue Magazine

mayor-of-focoTucked behind the Alleycat Cafe are a number of parking spaces reserved for The Mayor of Old Town — but they aren’t for a Fort Collins official. Rather, The Mayor of Old Town is a beer bar that prides itself on… Read More 

Inside the Collaborative

April 7, 2017 for College Avenue Magazine

6degree.jpgLeah Casper’s home sings as loud as she does. Rubber eyeballs stare vacantly from atop a bookshelf. Upturned umbrellas turned jellyfish hang from the ceiling above a large keyboard. Casper is a local choreographer and composer… Read More 

SlowFood – All That’s Good About Food

November 10, 2016 for College Avenue Magazine

Two women chop red cabbage in a beautiful farm in autumn.

Student organization Slow Food is a group of foodies seeking to reconnect with the cooking process. By taking the time to select quality ingredients and combine them well, members gain a newfound appreciation for food… Read More

Engineering a Brain-Powered Wheelchair


March 2, 2017 for College Avenue Magazine

wheelchairgraphic.jpgWhile unusually warm winter weather brings campus to life, students sit huddled around computers beneath the engineering building. This dim basement lab houses some of Colorado State University’s most innovative student projects. One group of these students is creating a brain-controlled wheelchair. The endeavor is part of a senior design project, the engineering department’s capstone. “Our vision [for the chair] is for people who don’t have arm motion or are paralyzed from the neck down,” Joel Kraft, electrical engineering senior, said. “It would be an assistive technology to gain mobility, which isn’t very common for people with those disabilities right now.” Read more



Cheese + Wine Night in FoCo

September 13, 2016 for College Avenue Magazine

welsh-rabbit-3Quant artisan foods line the walls opposite a long counter filled with cheeses. Across the street, its companion bistro crafts an intimate setting of dim light, warm brick, and fanciful chalk lettering. Local gourmet hotspot… Read More

Picking Up a New Kind of Chick

September 22, 2016 for College Avenue Magazine

Two chickens approach a hand in the coop.The McGeehans stir in their sleep as the sun peeks over the horizon. They’ve woken to a soft crowing. The sound doesn’t belong to any predators, just Agnes, head chicken in the pecking order. Josh McGeehan has been raising chickens…  Read More