Semester at Sea is a voyage around the world – class on our ship every day at sea and ports of call from Spain to Ghana to India. There’s a huge focus on sustainable tourism and cultural connection. You can check out my content by clicking the Ripple box to your left or using the search feature.

Floating School

The MV Odyssey is my home for the next four months. I’m taking two political science courses with a Stanford professor, writing with a NatGeo author, and a couse about the countries we’ll visit. With the exception of a field trip for each class, our eleven ports of call are our own to experience. My itinerary includes:

  • Bremerhaven, Germany – Embarkation on Sept. 9
  • Barcelona and Valencia, Spain – Global Environmental Politics field trip
  • Tema and Takoradi, Ghana – Homestay in Torgome Village, Children of Takoradi nonprofit
  • Cape Town, South Africa – Township homestay, 2 day safari, dinner with local jazz musician
  • Port Louis, Mauritius – Writing for Specialized Magazines field trip
  • Cochin and Kerala, India – Comparative Asian Politics field trip, hiking the Western ghats of KeralaStunning tea garden fields against glowing yellow sunset.
  • Yangon, Myanmar – Visits to 3 villages, 2 monasteries, Golden Rock, Kawgun Cave
  • Ho Chi Minh City and Sapa, Vietnam – Trekking to 4 villages, with homestay, school exchange, and historic tourBeautiful green layers shine against a vibrant forest and small town.
  • Shanghai and Anhui, China – Tunxi Old Street, hiking in Yellow Mountains, green tea plantation
  • Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka, Japan – TBD
  • Oahu, Hawaii – Waterfall hike

Communication Aboard the Odyssey

Internet is extremely, extremely limited on the ship. My seamail will be the best way to communicate – When I’m able, I’ll be posting projects here on my blog and through my social media, linked below. I am also the ship’s global journalism fellow – follow my work in print and online for good ole College Avenue magazine.