College Avenue 2016 Fall

This most recent edition of College Avenue Magazine is featured below, full link here. My design includes the cover, and pages 3, 5, 8-11, and 18-19. Three of my stories are…

Urban Agriculture

Also written for College Avenue, “Picking Up a New Kind of Chick” looks at the rapid growth of urban agriculture in Fort Collins.

Political Editorial

“You Probably Won’t Click This Because It Says ‘Politics’” is an editorial capturing my personal disdain for political disengagement. The featured graphic is also an original design using Adobe…

Welsh Rabbit

An inside look at local gem The Welsh Rabbit, which duals as a cheese shop and a bistro.

Nude Modeling

A piece from last year that received a large amount of engagement focused on student nude models for the campus art department’s figure drawing class.

DSCF Environment Invitation

This flier was designed in collaboration with the event’s host, hosting senator, and Communications Director. The pictured version has been optimized for print with a white background to…


This logo was chosen out of 10 mockups to replace the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund‘s outdated one. This logo will be implemented at the end of the 2016 election season…

DSCF Postcard

An original postcard utilized by the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund in the 2016 season.